Why You Might Seek Portland Marriage Counseling After Rehab

August 12, 2013 by

If you or your partner has recently completed addiction rehab or a 12 Step program, you might not think that Portland marriage counseling is the next logical step. You may even have certain expectations of what will happen now: the newly sober spouse will resume their life, their partner will offer them support, and all previous relationship issues will be gone.

Sadly, it’s not always this easy after a partner returns from rehab. Any kind of addiction rehab disrupts the lifestyle pattern that both partners have gotten used to, but this is especially true when addicts go to an inpatient treatment center and live there for 30 days or more.

The partner in rehab learns what they need to change in order to overcome their addiction, but often upon getting back home, they don’t know how to implement this new lifestyle, and their partner doesn’t know where they fit in. Additionally, the sober partner might be holding onto a sense of betrayal or disappointment based on their loved one’s addiction problem, while the recovering partner might be holding onto a sense of guilt or shame. Relationship issues that existed before rehab don’t automatically go away after a partner completes rehab.

Where Portland Marriage Counseling Comes In

Many rehab programs encourage patients to continue going to individual therapy sessions, but these sessions aren’t designed to focus on how addiction has affected both the recovering addict and their partner. Portland marriage counseling can supplement rehab and individual therapy by focusing on the relationship between the newly sober person and their partner. It allows the couple a safe space to talk about their expectations for life after rehab and to express their emotions about this new lifestyle, or about any lingering concerns surrounding addiction.

Addiction doesn’t just affect the alcoholic or substance abuser; it affects everyone who cares for them. So treatment for addiction should be holistic and seek to heal everyone who has been negatively impacted. A combination of individual therapy and couples counseling can help a recovering addict stay clean and resolve relationship issues with their partner. If you and your partner feel like you don’t know where to go after rehab and need an additional support system, I would highly encourage you to try Portland marriage counseling.