What Can a Portland Marriage Coach Do For You?

December 21, 2016 by

While looking for ways to improve or change your relationship, you may have come across the suggestion of seeing a “marriage coach.” This probably sounds like a more positive option than a “therapist” or a “marriage bootcamp,” but what exactly does a marriage coach do?

Let’s answer the question by asking another: what does any good coach do? Just that: coach you. Through support, encouragement, and tips for improving your abilities, a marriage coach can help you be the best partner and spouse that you can be.

While many couples look for outside help during a conflict or a rut, marriage coaches can be helpful at any phase in your relationship:

If Your Marriage Is Strong

Feeling good about your marriage? Great! Let’s keep it going. Every marriage has ups and downs. Even if you and your spouse are feeling great about your relationship, a marriage coach can keep that momentum going. By looking at what is working and how you can continue these good habits through small conflicts, your marriage will continue to grow and prosper into the future.

If You Are in a Rut

Maybe minor conflicts are often becoming major issues. Or you feel as though you are growing apart. Maybe you are considering divorce, but would like to give your relationship one last try. An experienced marriage coach can help here as well.

Staying together in a happy, healthy relationships takes work, but with the right approach to communication and love, the work will pay off sooner than you know it. Marriage coaches give couples the tools and skills they need to build a strong, lasting relationship.

For more resources and information on how to restore your connection, communication, and love, be sure to check out the online resources and literature that is provided by marriage coaches in your area.

If You Are in a Period of Transition

Retirement, empty nest living, having kids – all of these big transitions can potentially rock a marriage and create discomfort. But a trained marriage coach has seen all of these transitions, and can help you smoothly work through any doubts, confusion, or apprehensions so that your marriage does not suffer from big changes and you transition together.

All marriages are a work in progress, and all couples can benefit from the knowledge and encouragement of a marriage coach. To set up an appointment with a marriage coach in your area, reach out to us.