The right Marriage Counseling could have helped Al and Tipper Gore

June 3, 2010 by

I imagine the Gores did try marriage counseling. But did they get the right kind of relationship help? We will probably never know, but this Monday Morning Quarterback wonders if they sought help that had all three essential components: tools, structure and education? It made me sad to hear of their separation and although I do not fancy myself a rescuer of marriage, I do wish that everyone seeking relationship help would make certain that they find the best person and approach for their success.

Marriage counselors vary in their training and in the methods they use. Some therapists who offer marriage counseling have never been trained as relationship experts. Of those who have has some training, some do not actually use a proven method.

Marriage Counseling can save your health and wealth

The Gores are very public figures so it is easy for me to drum up emotion about their marriage failure. But over half of marriages fail and other than a marriage counselor like me, most people don’t think much about the impact this failure rate has on our communities. The Gores are financially set for life (although money will not help their children face the loss nor insure their success at marriage) but most of us suffer financially, emotionally and even physically from a failed relationship. Most problems in marriage are normal, but we do not get the help we need and our normal problems are blown out of proportion.

If you are looking for marriage counseling please be certain to ask the marriage counselor you call about their training and their experience. What tools do they use? How many couples do they see annually? What is their success rate? Do they offer marriage education courses?

And don’t wait to get the relationship help that you need! Most divorces happen because people let small problems slide that could have been fixed earlier. The right kind of marriage counseling really works.