Saving Your Marriage by Recession Proofing your Relationship – Part 2

September 21, 2009 by

Saving your marriage often boils down to learning to be positive and to avoid negativity in even the toughest of times. Right now many people are feeling hurt by the high unemployment and economic downturn.  Are the ups and downs (especially downs) of the economy hurting your relationship?  If so try these relationship help ideas on for relief:

  • Go on a “News Diet” for a few days per week. Limit watching the news, checking the internet or reading the paper.  Instead, read aloud funny or romantic short stories, spiritual or inspirational text or watch a movie. If you are going to watch  television make a point of watching something upbeat and stay away from crimes, monsters and too much reality that adds to your stress.
  • A piece of relationship advice that usually makes a difference is to reignite your sexual relationship can be a great method of saving your marriage. You might be saying to yourself, “I don’t feel sexual when I am stressed!”  Again, early in your relationship you would have made love if the house was on fire. The chemicals of infatuation increase our lust so when we are first together we can easily compartmentalize our troubles, even deny them. If you are beyond the romantic phase, you too can relearn how to focus on sensuality instead of your worries.  Set the time aside for a romantic interlude and even if you are not in the mood, being willing to give it a try.  Have a ten-minute petting session to see if the fires of desire spark.  Willingness is actually the real first step of a successful sexual encounter for most people. Enjoy the natural stress reduction.
  • Work together on a menu that is tasty, homemade and low cost.  Put on your favorite tunes, light candles and cook together. When the meal is ready sit down at the table, eat slowly and have a conversation.

Saving your marriage calls for being optimistic and realistic regarding the economic tides ahead. The silver lining for us all may be the fact that we will reorder our priorities, remember what is really important to us and enjoy the bright side of life.  Studies of elderly people show that the number one thing that they feel good about at the end of their lives, is that they stayed married. After that follows raising a family, then their careers and contributions to society and then material gains.  A good piece of relationship advice is stay connected and don’t let the economic downturn rob you of your most valuable treasure…your love.

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