Relationship Tips: What Penguins Can Teach Us

March 11, 2015 by

That’s right. I said penguins—the flightless birds with tuxedo-like fur and an adorable gait. These cute creatures may make us laugh and coo every time we visit the zoo or watch March of the Penguins, but they can also teach us a few valuable lessons about love. Here are some surprising things that we can learn from penguins:

The importance of communication. Penguins are among the most social of all animals, employing a variety of vocalization techniques and behaviors to interact with each other. Their exceptional communication techniques are what enable them to effectively care for their young, settle disputes, and stick together. If a penguin is happy, angry, upset, or hurt, it doesn’t internalize its feelings—it lets loved ones know, and often in a loud and expressive way!

The importance of touch and affection. Penguins are affectionate animals, frequently hugging, kissing, and huddling together to keep warm. For humans, cuddling and snuggling doesn’t only help keep them warm—it releases a hormone called oxytocin that makes you feel good and more connected to others.

The importance of developing a love language. I've often discussed how different people express love in different ways, which is why it’s so important to develop a common “love language” with your partner. Penguins understand this, and develop vocal frequencies that only their partner can recognize and understand.

The importance of working together. Penguins know that partners in relationships need to work together, sharing responsibilities when it comes to tasks such as warming eggs, seeking food, and maintaining living spaces.

The importance of family. Penguins often travel and spend time with their extended family, realizing the importance of maintaining family ties and building a support network of people who care about you.

The importance of monogamy. Penguins are some of the most faithful creatures in the entire animal kingdom, with certain breeds maintaining monogamous relationships with the same partner for most of their lives.

You’ve probably heard most if not all of these relationship tips before, but learning that penguins do these things that you might not even be doing yourself can be an eye-opener for people.