Relationship Problems: Bad Economy Causing Acting Out Sexually

October 31, 2011 by

The terrible economy may be a contributor to many relationship problems, including men acting out sexually. Why? When faced with a threatening environment, like the bad economy, men are more likely to seek out more sexual partners. This short-term mating strategy gives them a higher likelihood of passing on their genes to the next generation, according to sexual selection theory based on evolutionary psychology.

In one study, when men were made to think about their own death, they responded more vigorously to sexual pictures. Demographics also support the theory. For instance, richer countries tend to have lower birthrates, and people who live in poorer neighborhoods tend to have their first sexual encounters at younger ages. This suggests that when we feel secure in our environment and the future seems bright, we invest more in our children and current partner, which is considered a long-term mating strategy.

Seek Help for Relationship Problems Early

So in current economic times, when many of us are not sure we’ll be able to make the next mortgage payment or where we’ll get food to put on the table, men may be more likely to stray. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should call it quits. Instead, you should be aware that your relationship may have a heightened risk during these tough times. Make time to focus on the more positive things in your life, not just the negative. And take any relationship problems you are facing seriously, and seek Portland marriage counseling if needed.