Relationship Issues – How We Help

With relationship issues please consider that abandoning your relationship may not be the answer. Because many relationship problems are generally deeply rooted in past experiences, you may find that all of your relationships end up with the same issues.

In fact, if you are like many of our clients, you may feel that you keep choosing the same type of partner, the good and the bad. Our approach to training, coaching and relationship therapy involves understanding your partner choice, the stages all romantic relationships travel and uncovering your childhood issues that affect your ability to create and maintain genuine, intimate relationships.

If you are experiencing problems relating (even in your family or at work), it is crucial that you find a therapist, workshop or coach whom you can trust to guide you through the difficult but necessary change and healing processes.

Our approach to helping you resolve relationship issues is direct, compassionate, and nurturing, and our goal is to help individuals build satisfying, lifelong relationships.

Whether you are the child of an alcoholic, aging or in poor health, dealing with life transition issues, or suffer with depression, anxiety or other life stressors, our caring and understanding counselors will be there to provide the support that you need to put your relationship issues to rest. Our trainings, coaching and relationship therapy is for both individuals and couples, because we know that relating well is the basis for a happy and successful life.

We utilize holistic techniques and helpful tools that you can learn quickly and continue to use for a lifetime in your intimate relationships, family and even at work. Our counselors have diverse experiences and backgrounds; therefore, whether you are an individual or a couple you will likely find a therapist here to meet your specific and unique needs and relationship issues.

Maybe you don’t need psychotherapy and that is why we also provide workshops and relationship coaching services to get you where you want to be.

We believe that relationship therapy should address the underlying causes of the individual’s or couple’s current relationship issues in a real and honest way.

It is critical that each individual in the relationship examine his or her current attitudes, points of view, and behaviors as these are affected by the individual’s beliefs, emotions and past experiences. Self-examination and introspection allows the individual to discover the hidden roots of their emotions, beliefs and behaviors. When these discoveries are made and the roots recognized and exposed, true healing and change can begin. That said don’t not contact us because your partner won’t work on the relationship right now. We can start with you.

We have many free resources available to help you learn more about our firm, our coaches and counselors and relationship issues in general. These resources are free to you and contain the answers to many questions that you may have.

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