Relationship Help – Who Can Benefit?

Relationship help is something for everyone. Yes, everyone can benefit.

Let us explain why all successful training, coaching and counseling includes a good look at your patterns and experiences in relationships.

You were born into a relationship; you were formed emotionally and intellectually by relationships and quite possibly the biggest challenges you face to your mood, your happiness and your well-being are in relationships.

  • If you are sad, depressed or feel incomplete because you do not have an intimate relationship or things are not going well in your current relationship, then we can be confident from scientific research and our professional experience that relationship help will benefit your mood, outlook and even your possibilities in the future.
  • If you are in a romantic relationship that is troubled, or is new and you want to assure your success, or if you have conflict within your family or even conflict at work, then skilled relationship help will give you tools to change your situation for the better.

Portland Relationship Center serves individuals and couples from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and walks of life that are experiencing relationship trouble.

Many of our clients have experienced some type of trauma in their formative years that have caused them to be closely guarded in relationships. If you are like that even if you do desire a close, intimate connection with your loved ones, you often find it difficult to form the bonds necessary to create the warm, personal connection for which you long.

If you are in need of relationship help you can count on our specialized workshops, coaching and counseling services to help you discover the root of the problem, bring it to light, and address the problem with dignity and respect. This help can change not only your relationship status, but help improve your moods and your overall outlook on life.

The relationship help offered by our experienced and compassionate trainers, coaches and counselors teaches you how to find yourself through the relationship rather than leaving the relationship in an attempt to better understand yourself.

Present relationship trouble is often rooted in the past, and you may not realize the extent to which your past is negatively affecting the present and the future. Most of us have many bad thinking habits regarding relationships, learned as children and carried into adulthood. Without training, coaching or counseling, you may continue to struggle with having low self-esteem, chronic negative thoughts and hopelessness when it comes to relating in a healthy manner.

We offer relationship help for couples, individuals and parents. It is our goal to help you to learn how to discard ineffective thoughts, behaviors and feelings that are impediments to genuine, intimate relationships and success in all your relationships.

We intend to help you to create a conscious connection between you and those you love. You will learn effective ways in which to communicate and express your needs, and how to listen to and meet the needs of others. Our certified and experienced trainers, coaches and counseling staff are available to assist you each step of the way.

You can find out more about the process we use and the relationship help that you will receive from us, by visiting Our Approach page. Here, you will find exact details regarding what you can expect when working with us.

We have many free resources available to help you learn more about our practice, our counselors and relationship challenges in general. These resources are free to you and contain the answers to many questions that you may have.