Relationship Help: Overcome Infidelity with Marriage Education

February 14, 2012 by

As a Portland marriage counselor, I know that going through an infidelity is one of the toughest things a relationship can experience. There are deep feelings of betrayal and anger on one end, and on the other, guilt and remorse and fear.

Many couples seek relationship help by going to traditional couples therapy, which tends to be the most personal and intense kind of professional assistance available. I also often recommended attending marriage education classes or workshops to my Portland marriage counselor clients who encounter this issue, and new research suggests that this type of marriage education can be very effective.

Relationship Help: Study Shows Couples in Marriage Education Improve More

Recently, the University of Colorado’s Department of Psychology conducted a study that followed two sets of married couples. Both sets had gone through an infidelity, but one set was attempting to reconnect via traditional couples counseling, whereas the other group was going through marriage education.

More so than traditional therapy, marriage education provides relationship help by emphasizing compromise and communication, but does not offer the potentially more invasive experience of working one-on-one with a therapist, instead utilizing a group setting.

Researchers asked the couples participating how satisfied they were in their marriages at three points – before receiving treatment, immediately following treatment, and after a year had passed. The couples who went through marriage education instead of traditional therapy reported more improvements in their relationship. They also found that the program made them feel more satisfied in their marriage and helped with their communication.

If you have experienced an infidelity and are interested in going through marriage education, contact a Portland marriage counselor today to find out about available couples workshops.