Relationship Help: Facebook’s New Tool Provides Space after a Break-Up

January 6, 2016 by

Years ago, when you broke up with your significant other due to relationship problems, it was generally under the assumption that you didn’t have to see or hear from one another again. But today with the help of social media, your ex is everywhere.

You see him or her on your smartphone or computer every time you open Facebook. All because some pesky little algorithm didn’t get the memo that you two were no longer an item.

But Facebook, ever the inventor, has now come up with a new way to avoid seeing your ex on social media. Simply change your status to “Single” (You can do it!), and Facebook will ask if you’d like to limit what your ex can see – as well as limiting what you see of your ex.

This way, you don’t get upset every time you check Facebook and see your ex’s smiling face. The end of a relationship is difficult enough without having to see your ex on a regular basis – even digitally.

If that’s not cutting it, you could always just delete your ex as a friend on Facebook. You can change your own privacy settings so your ex cannot see what you’re posting. And you can “unfollow” their posts to avoid the emotional baggage cluttering up your daily Facebook browse.

Better yet, leave the smartphone alone, step away from Facebook, and enjoy the world without scrolling through your feed every 10 minutes. If you are having a particularly difficult time moving on (as sometimes happens with long-term relationships), you can always seek relationship help and advice from a licensed counselor.

As a Portland relationship counselor, I’ve worked with countless couples and individuals to help them improve their current relationship – or make sure they are better equipped to handle the next one. Sometimes, the best way to find happiness is to arm yourself with the right tools.