Relationship Counselor Explains the 48-Hour Sex Afterglow

April 5, 2017 by

We have all seen movies or TV shows where the main character has sex (usually for the first time with a new partner) and goes through a montage of skipping, dancing, laughing, humming, and grinning ear to ear. And it’s likely you’ve experienced that elated feeling yourself!

The benefits of having sex don’t stop after you’ve finished or fallen asleep for the night. You may walk a little taller the next day or see your partner in a refreshing, beautiful light.

What Research Says about the 48-Hour Sex Afterglow

Researchers at Florida State University have labeled this lingering satisfaction as the “48-Hour Afterglow” and have discovered that the increased satisfaction from sex, when done frequently, leads to a long-term increase in relationship satisfaction.

The university’s findings came from a study of over 200 newlywed couples.

Each couple had to write in a journal each day. The journal said whether or not the couple had sex and how they would rate their sexual satisfaction. Couples who had had sex in the past two days, in general, had higher levels of overall satisfaction.

When the study interviewed couples several months later, the couples who had higher satisfaction after having sex had higher relationship satisfaction overall.

What does this study say? That 48-hour afterglow helps improve your overall relationship quality, too!

Having sex every 48 hours can be way easier said than done, especially for couples who have kids or work full-time jobs. But this study is a good reminder that sex shouldn’t be a bottom priority in your marriage.

Sex is a vital part of your relationship. If you are having problems with your sex life, do not be afraid to talk to a relationship counselor.