Relationship Advice: What Women Want from Marriage

March 24, 2012 by

Are you looking for a little relationship advice to make your wife happier? Of course, what each woman wants from marriage will be different, but here are a few suggestions to get you started from an experienced Portland marriage counselor.

Be forgiving. Everyone makes mistakes now and then – and no one likes to be called out on them endlessly. When your wife isn’t perfect or is having a bad day, work on being understanding.

Say “I love you.” This relationship advice sounds simple enough, right? Be creative about how you let her know. Of course, just telling her is great, but you can surprise her with a kiss or take her hand while you sit watching TV. These small actions often speak louder than those three words.

Give the gift of time. The most valuable thing you can give to your wife and your children is your undivided attention. Make room in your schedule to spend quality time with your family regularly.

Help out. The division of household chores is one of the most common reasons that people seek relationship advice. Remember, doing the chores and caring for your children are not just your wife’s responsibility. Find ways to help out, and do so regularly – without being asked.

Listen. After a tough day at work or enduring struggles with the kids at home, your wife may want to share her feelings with you. Don’t get so caught up in your own stresses that you don’t take the time to listen – and when you do, make sure you are really listening, not just waiting for your turn to speak.

Seek Relationship Advice When You Need It

If your wife is asking you to talk to a professional, remember that it’s likely this isn’t an effort to break things off. Instead she wants to reach out for help because she wants to fix things and stay together.

You may initially feel uncomfortable with the idea of seeking relationship advice from a professional. That’s perfectly normal! Take your time to find the right Portland relationship counselor who can help you to overcome this discomfort and feel at ease.