Relationship Advice: The Little Things That Make Us Feel Loved

March 25, 2011 by

When seeking relationship advice, we often spend too much time focusing on how our partner can better serve our needs and not enough on understanding our partner’s needs and point of view. In my work as a Portland marriage counselor, I encourage couples to find ways to make each other feel loved. It’s often the small things that make the most difference!

Relationship Advice That Can Make a Difference

Before you go out and buy a bouquet of roses to bring home, ask yourself: is this really what your partner would want? Flowers can be a wonderful surprise and bring a smile to your partner’s face. An unexpected bouquet at work can brighten your whole day. But don’t rely solely on classic romantic gestures. You also want to personalize it. Find a way to let your significant other know that, not only do you care, but also that you listen and know what’s important to him or her. Here’s a few ideas for how to follow this relationship advice.

  • Is your partner dreading a long day of intense meetings at work? Come home a little early and get their share of the chores done, so your significant other can simply lay back, relax, and decompress. Or maybe offer up a massage and a martini.
  • Is there a particular activity or hobby that your partner enjoys? Learn ways that you can support the activity and maybe even participate in it yourself.
  • Does your partner have a favorite food? Surprise your loved one with a home-cooked version. Even if you’re not the best chef, it’s a meal neither of you will forget.
  • Has your significant other been coveting a particular purchase? Maybe it’s a fancy pair of shoes or the latest electronic gadget. Either way, you can jump the gun and buy it for them.

These are just a few ways to connect with your significant other and enrich your lives together. In my work as a Portland relationship counselor, I find it works wonders for couples and makes both parties feel loved, and you may also find that it’s fun to implement this bit of relationship advice. If you need relationship help, visit our website for ideas and information.