Relationship Advice: Take the Time to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

September 16, 2011 by

As relationship advice goes, reminding people to celebrate their wedding anniversary usually goes over well. Most of us love to commemorate special events, but sometimes the anniversary goes by the wayside when other priorities get in the way. But taking time to celebrate your relationship is important. It is a way to let your partner know how much you value him or her, and it can serve as a reminder to appreciate what you have.

Not sure what to do? Here are a few ideas.

Go traditional with the gifts. For every milestone – from your 1st anniversary to your 50th – there’s a gift type associated with it. For example, your 5th anniversary is wood, and your 25th is silver. It may seem a little silly, but it can make for some fun and unexpected gifts and helps make this holiday different from birthdays and Christmas.

Have a nice meal. Save up and go out for a fancy dinner on the town. You can choose a different restaurant each time or make it a tradition to go back to your favorite every year. Is the budget a concern? No problem! Happy hour meals are often very affordable and just as delicious in a fine restaurant. Or, stay home and make that fancy meal instead. Cooking together can be part of the fun.

Dress up. It’s likely that most often you see each other in your “home” clothes, so take the opportunity to impress your date. Put on a nice dress or a suit even if you’re not going anywhere.

Hire a babysitter. If you take one piece of relationship advice from this article, this is the one to choose. You may want to involve your children in the celebration, and that’s okay, but you also need alone time. Being together – just the two of you – can help you reconnect and strengthen your relationship.

Take time for an intimate encounter. If you have a fairly active sex life, then make your anniversary special with candles, bubble bathes and rose petals. Take more time. Don’t have a quickie, have a gourmet experience. (See above note about babysitters! You may need an overnight with Grandma.) If you haven’t been sexually active, consider this an opportunity to reconnect and for a compelling reason.

Get Relationship Advice from a Portland Marriage Counselor

If you are struggling with relationship problems, don’t wait to get help. Addressing issues early makes them easier to resolve. Get back on the right path with your significant other. If your sex life has waned, if you bicker so much that you fear making much of an effort on your anniversary, then perhaps the very best gift of all is to push the “Refresh Button” on your marriage and get the tools that will help you to reconnect. Talk to a Portland marriage counselor today to get valuable relationship advice.