Relationship Advice: Plan for Retirement Together

February 11, 2012 by

Heading into retirement can be an exciting time, but one of the best pieces of relationship advice I can give you is to plan for this transition with your partner. As a Portland marriage counselor, I’ve noticed that some couples struggle because they’ve spent several decades with a certain routine and suddenly that is turned on its head. You’ll be spending more time together, and you may have very different views about how you will spend that time.

Relationship Advice for Talking about Retirement

Set aside time to focus on your plans for retirement. My relationship advice is to get out a pen and paper and write down goals both of you have. Don’t judge or critique the other person’s ideas. Instead, focus on listening to what your partner has to say.

Do you notice differences right off the bat? You may find that one of you wants to travel the world and take up new hobbies, while the other is focused on enjoying more time at home with the grandkids and starting a garden. Additionally, you may not have the financial means to achieve all of your goals.

Now that you understand and recognize whatever differences you have, you need to focus on compromise. What are your top priorities, and what are the priorities of your spouse? Is it possible to fulfill all of them? What are some ways that you can meet in the middle? Set aside money now for your bigger plans in special accounts and even start to create a timeline.

Ultimately, the goal is for both of you to have the retirement you dreamed of. If you are having trouble coming to a compromise, I encourage you to seek relationship advice from a Portland marriage counselor.