Relationship Advice: Nagging Can Be a Good Thing for Men’s Health

August 30, 2011 by

When offering relationship advice, I find that nagging gets a bad rap. Understandably so, because hearing constant criticism from a partner can hurt your marriage, but when it’s under control, nagging can actually be beneficial. It can be the little push you need to be healthier, more productive, and more organized.

Hard to believe? Consider this: married men have better health than unmarried men. New research shows that married men arrive at the hospital 30 minutes faster than their single counterparts. When men start to experience symptoms such as chest pains, it’s common for their wife to “nag” their husband into going to the doctor before he thinks it necessary. And because erectile function can be tied to health problems such as heart disease or diabetes, wives are often the first to notice that there might be a problem.

Relationship Advice: Learn to Appreciate Nagging

The lesson we can take away from all this is that nagging can be a way that your spouse is showing you that he or she cares. They want to help you be better. It can also be a way to bring up relationship issues, helping to keep open communication between you. My relationship advice is to keep these benefits in mind the next time your spouse nags you to do something. It can help you to keep your cool about it, or even grow to appreciate it!

But of course, there is the other side of the issue. Constant nagging can cause relationship issues. No one likes to be criticized. It doesn’t mean that you should stop, but you should also take the time to share with your partner the ways you appreciate him or her. Compliment a job well done, or thank your partner for taking care of a dreaded chore. If you’re having trouble with nagging taking over your marriage, I recommend going to Portland marriage counseling to seek relationship advice.