Relationship Advice: Get Married! It’s Good for Your Heart.

September 22, 2011 by

When people come to me for relationship advice, sometimes they want to understand why marriage is a good idea in the first place. Some people don’t believe in the benefits it can bring to a relationship, but a recent study found a very easy to understand advantage: it helps your heart!

Research from the University of Rochester shows that married patients who underwent coronary bypass surgery were three times more likely to be alive 15 years later than the patients who were unmarried. That’s a significant boost! It’s likely because a supportive spouse can help encourage healthy habits such as exercising and quitting smoking. Remember when I talked about how nagging can sometimes be a good thing? This is more evidence that’s the case.

But survival wasn’t just based on being married. Marital satisfaction played a big role. The more satisfying their marriage, the higher the rate of survival for men. For women, an unsatisfying marriage lead to almost no survival bonus, but if they were in a satisfying union, the survival rate increased almost fourfold!

Having Trouble? Get Relationship Advice from a Portland Marriage Counselor

It wasn’t just the act of heading down the aisle that led to increased heart health for married couples. You need to work on the health of your relationship, too!  Improving communication skills is a vital way to improve your marital satisfaction. Start today by getting relationship advice from a professional.