Relationship Advice: Celebrate Mother’s Day Together

April 29, 2015 by

Whether this is your first Mother’s Day or you have decades of celebrations behind you, this occasion can be an important way to let your partner know you appreciate her.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find the right way to express your feelings. Here are a few tips and ideas for making the day special.

Get the kids involved. This is the first place to seek inspiration for Mother’s Day. Whether your kids are toddlers or adults, hit them up for input. You may find that your three year-old has the perfect silly suggestion that’s bound to make for a memorable occasion. Or an adult child may want to take over and do something special.

Make a gift instead of buying it. The amount you spend isn’t what’s important. Often a handmade gift is more valuable to your loved one, particularly on this holiday. Ask younger children to make cards. Make imprints of tiny hands and feet. Put together a photo album of recent family memories. Or write a special message or even a poem thanking this special mom for all she does for the family.

Let younger kids “sign” the card. Babies can contribute footprints. Toddlers can scribble. And preschoolers can attempt writing the first letter of their names to wow Mom! It will be more meaningful that the whole family signed off on the message in the card.

Take time for just the two of you – or give her time alone. Often, what a mother really appreciates is a little time-off, particularly if she handles the bulk of the child care. If you can find childcare, head out for a night on the town – or just an hour or two away from the kids. Can’t find help? Then offer to take care of the kids while she goes out on her own for a bit.

Take over her household duties for the day. Or better yet, the entire weekend! Does she usually cook dinner? Make it for her instead (or order out). Is laundry usually her responsibility? Get folding! It can also be helpful to your relationship to spend an entire day in her shoes. You may learn something about your partner that helps you to be more sensitive to her needs on normal days.

Get a gift certificate for cleaning or babysitting. If your wife handles the bulk of household cleaning and/or childcare, offering her the gift of help is likely to be appreciated. Take the time to research and locate a quality and affordable cleaning service or an experienced sitter, and then give her a gift certificate. It doesn’t have to be a “formal” gift certificate from the service provider; you can simply put together something simple and nice on your computer or even your child’s construction paper.

Ask what she wants. Instead of trying to guess what she wants, ask if she’ll tell you. You can offer a few specific suggestions. Or if you want to keep an element of surprise, just find out how she wants to spend the day – as a family, just the two of you, or alone – and then keep the specifics under wraps until the big day. Often, getting her input is the best way to ensure she’s happy – and ultimately, isn’t that what the day is supposed to be about?

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