Relationship Advice: 4 Challenges to Expect During Your First Year of Marriage

October 3, 2015 by

The first year of marriage can be one of the most exciting and memorable times in a couples life – but it can also be the toughest.

You may find it is full of ups and downs, adjustments, and surprises. While no one can prepare newlyweds for all that lies ahead, here are 4 common challenges you may encounter during your first year of marriage:

You’ll see each other’s worst. When you first began dating, you and your spouse probably did everything you could to project yourself in the best possible light. As you fell in love, you may have experienced a heightened sense of excitement and giddiness. And while you prepared for your wedding, you were caught up in the excitement of the big day.

After getting married, you’ll get to see each other in all types of lights. You’ll experience each other’s highs and lows, bad days and good days, and health and sickness. Learning to love your partner—imperfections and all—is an important component of building a profound and lasting relationship.

You may feel pressured to have kids. Within days after the wedding, you may start hearing baby hints from family, friends, and co-workers. It’s important to remember that it is up to you and your spouse to decide when – and if – you want to have kids, though there is no such thing as a “perfect” time.

Be open with your partner about how you feel about having a family, and take the time to listen to their thoughts on the matter. It’s a big decision, so being on the same page is important.

You will need alone time. Too often, couples start to worry when they find they do not spend every waking moment with their spouse. But being in love doesn’t mean you have to want to be together all of the time—on the contrary, the healthiest marriages should balance couples time with alone time. When you spend time away from your spouse, you can breathe, reflect, and take care of yourself, while simultaneously growing as an individual and becoming a stronger partner.

You can’t always do it by yourself. Even the healthiest, happiest couples can’t always work through all of their issues and conflicts alone. As a young couple, do not be afraid to seek guidance in Portland relationship therapy. You don’t need to be struggling to benefit from learning new communication skills and tools. Consider taking a couples workshop together; it can provide you with relationship advice and strategies for building a stronger relationship that endures for the rest of your life.