Portland Relationship Counselor: Winter Date Ideas

December 4, 2013 by

As a relationship counselor in Portland, I think it’s a great idea for married couples or partners in a long-term relationship to set aside time each week to go on a date. Dating gives you a chance to focus solely on your relationship, shower attention on your partner, and relieve some of the stress of the week. However, I also know that when the weather starts getting worse and everyone starts preparing for the holidays, it can be tough to keep up with that weekly date. That’s why I’d like to provide a few winter date ideas so that you and your partner can keep date night alive this season.

Seasonal Dating Tips

Get active. If you live somewhere with a lot of snow, take advantage of the weather and get outside with your partner. Bundle up and rent snowshoes, go sledding or tubing, or even just put your boots on and go for a walk somewhere that the snow has been untouched. Being active with your partner in the winter is a great way to get your heart rates up and release endorphins—plus, after being out in the cold you’ll appreciate returning to your warm home that much more!

Make warm meals together. If you have kids, consider hiring a babysitter to watch them for the night so that you and your partner can concentrate on making a seasonal meal together. Try comfort foods like soup, chili, or cornbread, and look for seasonal ingredients like squash, Brussels sprouts, and kale. If you’re really ambitious, bake a wintery dessert for the two of you to enjoy together after dinner… or make extra and bring it to your marriage therapist!

Volunteer together. The holiday season is a great time to give back to your community, so find an activity or organization that you and your partner are both passionate about and sign up to volunteer there. If you’re working outside, make plans to go to a coffee shop or make hot chocolate at home afterwards to warm up.

Bundle up at home. If you’re in the middle of a blizzard or a thunderstorm, you and your partner probably shouldn’t try to leave home on your date night. But that doesn’t mean that you have to abandon the date altogether. Instead, wrap yourselves in blankets on the couch and watch a movie together. If your home has a fireplace, start a fire to add to the ambiance.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what you and your partner decide to do for your date night—just make sure that you’re setting aside time for the two of you to enjoy each other this season.  As a Portland relationship counselor, I can tell you that that’s the best way to keep your bond strong no matter what time of year it is.