Portland Relationship Counselor on Avoiding Divorce is Best Gift for Your Kids

January 5, 2011 by

As a Portland relationship counselor I want my clients to understand that creating and maintaining a good marriage is vital to your children’s well being.  Now that the Christmas wrappings are recycled and the kid’s gifts are discarded in the kid’s toy box, it’s time to think about the best gift you can give your children for every occasion. Caught up in the commercial pressure of the holidays parents lose sight of what really counts the most for children, parents who stay together for a life time.

Any Portland relationship counselor knows that avoiding divorce is half of the equation and building a joyful marriage is the other half. At any age children suffer from divorce. The adjustment to divorce creates multiple stresses for children, but it is the long term consequences that concern this relationship counselor.

Portland Relationship Counselor Gives Says Avoiding Divorce is Best

In your desire to leave an unhappy marriage consider that the long term consequences on your children are horrifying. Don’t kid yourself; divorce trumps many of the wonderful advantages you try to give your kids. Did you know that children of divorced parents are 50% more likely to divorce themselves? If both spouses are from broken homes their odds for divorce are 200% higher than couples from intact homes. If you knew that your child was 200% more likely to get a chronic illness if you divorce would you feel more motivated to work on the marriage? Avoiding divorce is nearly as important because chronic emotional problems are a form of chronic illness. Most parents eventually remarry and the divorce rate for remarriages range between 64-80%, which means your kids are at risk live through a second divorce which only increases their perception of romantic relationship as transitory.

This Portland relationship counselor knows that avoiding divorce is best and that you can mend and greatly improve your marriage now. You are willing to work hard to make a nice holiday for your kids. Are you willing to work hard to make a nice childhood that will assure their future success? Let us help you. Check out our free resources, make an appointment for a session and sign up for a marriage education workshop with our trained facilitators.