Portland Relationship Coach: “Spring Clean” Your Relationship

March 22, 2017 by

Spring cleaning will be here before you know it! The age-old tradition allows everyone to shake off the dust outside, freshen up the home, and welcome the warmer weather.

But did you know you can also bring some spring cleaning to your relationship? As spring arrives, consider introducing the following practices into your relationship to get rid of those “relationship cobwebs” and forge an even closer bond with your partner.

Get Rid of Old Stuff.

One of the most refreshing parts of spring cleaning is getting rid of things we don’t need: old clothes, our children’s old toys, décor, and so on. Do the same thing in your relationship.

Is there an argument or conflict that you’ve been holding onto all year? Let it go! Don’t just sweep it under the rug, though. Make the time now to sit down and talk about it together in a productive way. If this still proves difficult, invest in learning helpful communication strategies to make the process go more smoothly.

The great thing about improving the way you communicate is that it’s something that will continue to make your life – and your relationship – better for years to come.

Let the Sunshine In.

You know that moment when the cold of winter finally breaks and you can finally head outside in a t-shirt and feel the warm sun on your face? We’ve experienced many beautiful spring days in our lives, but every year we enjoy it as if it’s our first spring.

The same rule can apply to your relationship, too. Make a list of the things that you used to enjoy doing together and start scheduling them into your regular lives. Go on a date where you first fell in love with your partner. Return to the trails you used to love hiking.

Plant The Seeds (of Love).

With the rise in temperature brings the potential for growth. Where do you want to grow in your relationship? Spring cleaning, and the changing of any season, is a wonderful time to set goals and get a fresh start.

Talk to your partner about your goals for the spring – or the year. Encourage them to share their goals as well. By communicating your intentions with each other, you make it possible to help each other out.

Try Something New.

We get rid of old stuff during spring cleaning, which gives us a great excuse to go out and buy some new candles, decorations, or flowers for the house to feel fresh and new.

Refresh your relationship by bringing something new to that table as well. It could be signing up for a dance class for the spring months, adding a new meal to the table, or even spicing things up in the bedroom. Whatever you choose, enjoy the ability to start a new chapter with your partner this spring.

Happy Spring Cleaning! For more information on how you can “clean out” and get a fresh start on your relationship, talk to a Portland relationship coach.