Portland Parenting Counseling: Before Deciding to Have a Baby

March 4, 2015 by

When it comes to deciding to have a baby, I see couples undergoing all stages of the process. Sometimes, both are completely confident and excited about getting pregnant, while other times, one is more reluctant or nervous than the other. Regardless of where you and your spouse fall on this spectrum, there are several important things to consider before deciding to have a child.

Pregnancy can be an emotional time in your relationship. Even if you are both incredibly excited about having a baby, it’s common for couples to argue more during pregnancy. Pregnancy hormones can have a big impact on emotions, causing feelings of panic and fear of abandonment. Both partners may worry about the sudden lifestyle transformation, the financial change, and the labor process itself. It’s essential to be honest with each other during this sensitive time, and to talk openly about the emotions you’re feeling while respecting the emotions of your partner.

You and your partner won’t always be on the same page. Some say women become mothers after conception, while fathers become fathers after birth. Moms-to-be undergo plenty of physical signs and symptoms that assure them of their impending motherhood, and are the center of attention and excitement. Fathers, on the other hand, do not always feel as connected to the pregnancy, and don’t always experience the same immediacy of the situation that their partner does. Mothers can bring dads into the experience by encouraging him to talk to the baby and play his favorite music for the baby to listen to. Couples should also plan to set aside time for each other, going on dates and sharing intimacy as partners to keep their relationship alive and thriving.

Pregnancy may affect your sex drive. While sex during pregnancy is completely safe for most couples, some women experience a loss of sex drive during their first trimester. Oftentimes, they feel tired, sick, or unsexy. These feelings usually go away after the first few months, but in the meantime, plan on expressing intimacy in other ways, such as cuddling and exchanging loving words.

If you and your partner are considering having a baby, you can learn more about what to expect in Portland parenting counseling. An expert counselor can help you understand the impact it will have on you as a couple, and provide you with tools and techniques to keep your relationship strong.