Portland Oregon Marriage Counselor says Divorce Doesn’t Have to Be Contagious

July 11, 2011 by

Is divorce contagious? Although a popular study says “yes”, this Portland Oregon marriage counselor can reassure you that it need not be. The study says that your chances of divorce are 75% higher if your friends or family members announce their split.

Being supportive of your friend and family’s marriages can enhance your own relationship. Although we make our vows in front of our loved ones, a custom that comes from the belief that the clan holds a couple together, once we have marriage problems we too often keep it to ourselves.  Maybe if we were more open seeking relationship help our marriages would flourish.

Portland Marriage Counselor Suggests You Get Support to Avoid Divorce

Getting a divorce should be the absolutely last option in most marriages. Many people seek help from marriage counselors and gain tools, insights and information. This helps them to stay married, but they do not usually tell their friends that they needed help and received it successfully. Maybe if we were more open with our marriage struggles and what we have tried that helps, we could tend to the health of one another’s marriages.

Ways that you can help support healthy marriage in your social network include asking for and giving relationship tips, or to share that you need relationship help and ask if they know a Portland Oregon marriage counselor.  You can also support one another through swapping babysitting help or babysitter information for date nights. If you have a long and successful marriage, support young married couples in your church and neighborhood through inclusion in social events. You can get together regularly with other couples for healthy activities such as camping, meals, sporting events or work projects.

Form bonds with couples and stay in touch. Be open with your own challenges without breaking your partner’s confidentiality. Don’t complain about your spouse but rather talk about you and the questions you have about marriage’s trials. If you need help to prevent divorce or if loved ones need a referral you can call us for an experienced Portland Oregon marriage counselor.