Portland Marriage Counselor Says Your Marriage Needs Help!

August 23, 2010 by

This Portland marriage counselor was interested in an a recent article in the New York Times . The author firsts asks us, does your marriage need therapy? She then goes on to say, “if you are like most people, the correct answer may well be yes, but your answer will be no”. The author interviewed marriage researchers who believe that your marriage needs help because most marriages need help. Yet, these specialists found that many times one or both partners resist the idea of couples counseling. But why?

The popular myth that if you need relationship advice then you are admitting failure still persists. You might operate under the false notion that if you choose the right person you won’t have problems; that conflict is a sign of incompatibility; or that if your partner loved you they would read your mind and know what you need. Believing these myths is like thinking that if your car is out of gas then you must need a new one.

Relationship Tune-Ups Work, Believes Portland Marriage Counselor.

In his book The Marriage Check-Up, the author James Cordova asks “if people were to bring their marriage in for a check-up on an annual basis, would that provide the same sort of benefit that a physical health check-up would provide?” His preliminary findings validate what this Portland marriage counselor has seen for 30 years, that marriage check-ups help catch problems when they are small.

Sound relationship advice is to seek couples counseling early and regularly over time. Don’t be like most couples and wait until a typical problem like a lack of time for intimacy, or upsets over parenting, spirals out of control.

Instead consider working with a Portland marriage counselor to learn tools and gain insights. After the first round of sessions return again at least once per year to sharpen your tools! For information on our services visit our website.