Portland Marriage Counselor says Cuddle to Stay Married

July 29, 2011 by

Sex is wonderful for a marriage. But this Portland marriage counselor knows that cuddling is what helps couples stay together for a lifetime. Intimate cuddling provides more than sensuality, but also the feelings of, comfort, security and companionship. Research shows that cuddling releases the “bonding hormone”, oxytocin.

Portland Marriage Counselor says that Hormones Help Intimacy

Oxytocin makes couples feel relaxed and safe which in turn opens up more emotional sharing. Couples who cuddle more, feel more bonded and that connection creates attachment. Attachment helps couples to look out for one another, rather than hurt one another. It is more difficult to hurt a partner with whom you feel connected.

My years of marriage counseling in Portland have shown me that couples that have a hard time with emotional closeness rely on sex alone to bring connection. These couples may miss out on other levels of intimacy that are even more vital to continued connection.

Oxytocin is so successful at creating connection, that a couple can spend twenty minutes cuddling before a serious discussion about kids or money, and avert conflict.

If conflict happens more than cuddling in your relationship, let us help. Seeking marriage counseling from a certified Portland marriage counselor can help you to reinforce your bond and protect your marriage.