Portland Marriage counselor recommends “Marriage Fitness”

March 26, 2010 by

As a Portland marriage counselor I have seen the negative impact of unwanted weight gain on relationships many times, for both men and women.  You may be able to relate to the loss of self-esteem if you aren’t happy with your fitness or appearance. Once your self-esteem is lowered, your libido can go with it.  Poor body image can keep you from acting on sexual desire. In the Portland paper this week there was an article about recent research that shows that women need to exercise 60 minutes per day in order to maintain their weight as they age. This fact might be discouraging but it could also pose a worthwhile challenge.

Part of the job of a Portland marriage counselor is to suggest homework ideas that can enrich the lives of the couples we serve. After reading the article it occurred to me that the weight dilemma poses a perfect opportunity to get or stay fit, and reconnect with your spouse. In the beautiful city of Portland spring has arrived. Can you make the time to get outside regularly and go for a walk with your partner? Imagine what it would do for your relationship if daily you and your partner walked together for an hour. Now that daylight is longer you can walk early in the morning or after work.

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Walking together creates new possibilities.  Exercise in general keeps you fit and reduces any anxiety and depression. The hour together allows the two of you to bond both silently and verbally. People relax when they walk. When you are both relaxed you can enjoy the sights, catch up on the news of the day or even have a dialogue about a decision or an idea. In this relaxed state you may feel more connected, which is important because connection is what humans most long for in life. Walk together enough and you may not need a Portland marriage counselor!

Your biggest obstacle may be the belief that you do not have time.  If you don’t have an hour for your health and for your partner then it is time to reexamine your priorities. Do you watch television, check email, read for pleasure, clean the house, call a friend or prepare for the next day’s work?  You may want to steal some of that time away for what is really most important.

Walking together is good for your heart (both emotionally and physically) and your waistline. Remaining or becoming fit leads a better mood and a better sex life. Bottom line  get out there together to improve your marriage’s fitness.

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