Portland Marriage Counselor: Get Relationship Help Before There’s a Problem

January 14, 2013 by

Working as a Portland marriage counselor has helped me realize how few people actually understand what to do to solve the problems that will inevitably arise when couples stay together for a long period of time. These skills aren’t intuitive, despite what many seem to think, so if we don’t actively try to learn how to solve problems to everyone’s satisfaction, it can lead to you needing to seek out relationship help down the road.

What’s the solution? Educate yourself before there’s a problem.

Relation Education Workshops Prevent Problems, Says Portland Marriage Counselor

Before you’re allowed to drive, you have to take classes and pass tests. Same for before joining any number of professions. Many expectant parents even take classes to prepare for the birth and dealing with a newborn. Why? Because the more you educate yourself about something ahead of time, the fewer problems you’ll have, and easier it will be to deal with them when they arise.

Relationships are no different. Going to a relationship education workshop isn’t about solving a problem that you have—although it can help with that, too—it’s about providing you with the skills you need to prevent issues from becoming problems. In short, it’s relationship help so that you’ll never need relationship help.

Couples who attend relationship education workshops will learn how to talk and listen to each other more effectively, how to compromise without anyone feeling like they won or lost, and much more. On top of that, a weekend workshop lets you forget everything else and immerse yourself in your relationship in a way that one-hour weekly sessions just can’t.

Because of this immersion, couples who attend weekend retreats and workshops often show a level of improvement roughly equal to attending hourly counseling sessions for a year. If you’re interested in going to a relationship education workshop, contact a Portland marriage counselor today to sign up.