Portland Marriage Counselor, Brief Marriage Education Can Save Your Marriage

December 14, 2010 by

Science is proving what this Portland marriage counselor already knows, that marriage education makes marriages stronger. In an article in Science News, expectant parents who attended a brief relationship-strengthening class around the time their child was born “…showed lasting effects on each family member's well being and on the family's overall relationships, according to a recent Penn State study.” What is exciting news to me is that even brief marriage education can help relationships last longer and remain happier.

The Science News article says that one crucial reason relationship education works for expectant parents is that they are very open minded at this stage of life. Open mindedness leads to a willingness to learn something new about marriage, communication, tools for handling stress and what to expect in the years ahead. Any Portland marriage counselor who is experienced can tell you that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Portland Marriage Counselor Says Be Open Minded About Marriage Education

Many of us are not open-minded about marriage education. Why is that? Maybe pride tells us that we should know how to do it ourselves or we fear embarrassment in a group setting. There is a cultural myth that tells us that if our relationship is “The Right One” then we won’t need any help to ensure success. With a 51% divorce rate you would think we would begin to see that this is just a myth, not a reality. Most marriage education is in the form of a class, not group therapy. Usually participants are not asked or encouraged to share too much private material. Instead there is lecture, writing and exercises for the couples to practice independently.

Even if you are not a new parent, you can certainly benefit from being open-minded and seeking out marriage education from a Portland marriage counselor such as we have at Portland Relationship Center. Our well trained workshop presenters offer a marriage education class called Getting the Love You Want, every three months. While you are there check out our Free Resources and sign up for our free email newsletter so that we can start helping you today!