Portland Marriage Counseling: Pregnancy Changes Dads, Too

August 8, 2013 by

It’s not unusual for couples to consider Portland marriage counseling during pregnancy. After all, the mommy-to-be is going through all kinds of hormonal changes, and sometimes it can be difficult for men to understand. Likewise, those women don’t always comprehend how men can just be the same with this huge life-change looming. Naturally, this can lead to lots of relationship issues and hurt feelings on both sides.

But there’s something a lot of people don’t know that can affect both partners just as much, and that’s the fact that fathers-to-be go through a chemical change of their own.

Learn How Dads-to-be are Chemically Changed in Portland Marriage Counseling

So, does that mean that men and women will go through matching hormonal changes that put them on an even playing field? Not quite.

While women are on more of a roller coaster where their hormones are all over the place, men experience a pretty one-way change. Testosterone, which is linked to the male sex drive and aggression, significantly drops. In contrast, men have a surge of prolactin, a chemical that lowers sex drive and increases paternal feelings. Men going through this change are more likely to “nest,” and will often put together the baby’s room during this period.

Women can be surprised by this change if they are not expecting it and wonder what has happened to their mate – usually in a good way. Unfortunately, if you’re dealing with relationship issues early on in pregnancy you shouldn’t expect this to be some kind of magic that can make everything right. For one, it doesn’t reach its’ peak until the last few days before birth. Moreover, it doesn’t stick around very long. After about six weeks, men’s hormones start to change back, and by the time your little one is walking they should be completely normal again. The best thing to do if you’re facing relationship problems that just seem to be getting worse is to work it out in Portland marriage counseling.