Portland Marriage Counseling: New Year’s Relationship Resolutions

December 23, 2014 by

Ah, New Year’s. The time when everyone tries to start over again and strive to turn into the person that they wish they were and hope they can become. It’s a holiday for positivity, rebirth, and reaffirmation.

While you’re thinking about self-improvement, consider also how you and your partner can work together for the betterment of your relationship. Don’t worry, you can still lose weight or write the next great American novel if you want, but when both of you resolve to improve your relationship, too, it’s going to make everything else in your life better as well.

Here are just a few ideas for Relationship Resolutions:

Go out more. I know, I know, no one has time. Here’s the thing though. You probably don’t “have time” to hang out with your friends or meet coworkers for drinks either, but you probably do it and you probably have to schedule it ahead of time. Do the same thing with date nights, and you’ll be surprised to discover that the time is there if you want it to be.

Stop holding on to grievances. The New Year is all about letting go of the past and starting anew, so why not try that with your relationship. Promise not to bring up old grievances when you disagree (a horrible practice no matter when you do it!) and forgive your significant other for things they may have done to hurt you in the past.

Talk more… and laugh more. Communication is always key, and couples should definitely always be working on their communication skills. However, this tip is more about finding ways to share happy, positive, funny moments and feelings with each other. Talking can help to bond you together and feel closer to one another, and if you can do it while laughing, all the better. Research has shown that couples who laugh together tend to stay together longer, so think funny thoughts.

Unplug. Many of us are probably already planning to attempt this, so why not make a pact with your partner to do it together? Our lives are increasingly taken up by screens and other kinds of technology, so make a rule that limits your interaction with tech. If you can keep it out of the home, great. The bedroom? That’s fine, too. Even if your rule is that you turn things off for the last half hour before bed, it can help. When we’re interacting with technology, we’re spending less time with our loved ones.

For more ideas on how you and your partner can make New Year’s resolutions together, contact Portland marriage counseling. The only thing that makes relationships better is work, so the sooner you’re ready to try, the better off you’ll be.