Portland Marriage Coaching: Healthy Relationship, Healthy Life

June 29, 2016 by

We all feel the effects of getting older. It’s a little harder to get out of bed. We move a little slower. And some things just don’t work as well as they used to.

This is a natural part of life, but one that should not be ignored. When we became parents or became immersed in our careers (or both), fitness and health may have been put on the backburner.

But now that your kids have grown up and you’re reaching retirement, there’s never been a better time to bring fitness and health back into your everyday routine.

And when you do, make sure to include your spouse. That way, the two of you can support each other’s new healthy habits while learning and experiencing new things together.

Use the following ideas to get started and give your healthy lifestyle a boost!

Take a cooking class. After you get home from work, it’s common to immediately start running around doing chores or getting ready for the next day. Because of this, you might have gotten used to throwing together something quick for dinner – after all, who has the time? But when your kids leave and you retire, you’ll have more time to prepare a healthy, homemade meals.

Whether you’re feeling a little rusty or just want to get some delicious new ideas, a cooking class can help. And if you take it with your spouse, you can learn new meals and treat yourself to a fun date at the same time!

Join a gym. Exercising releases endorphins, which will leave you and your spouse in a wonderful mood after some time at the gym. By going together, you can be each other’s coach, trainer, and support system while you try your hand at weights, group activities, or just hitting the treadmill.

Take a walk. You can make moves toward a healthy lifestyle with a few simple steps – literally! Take 30 minutes or an hour out of your day to take a walk with your spouse.

It’s a great excuse to take in some fresh air and disconnect from the distractions of the television or your cell phones. Exercise and quality time with your spouse – what else could you ask for?

Find a group fitness class. Zumba every Monday at 9? Aquatic aerobics on Saturday afternoons? A group fitness class gives you a set routine, the opportunity to meet new friends, and the chance to learn something new, all while getting fit and enjoying quality time with your spouse. Look for classes at your local community college or fitness center. You’re sure to find one that both you and your spouse will enjoy!

For more suggestions on how to focus on physical and emotional health, contact a Portland marriage coach today.