Portland Marriage Counselor: Marriage Education Is Effective

May 25, 2012 by

Marriage education classes can be an incredibly effective way for struggling couples to work through their problems. Relationships are hard - and being able to talk to your spouse is key to maintaining a healthy partnership. There's no better place to learn the foundations of communication. As a Portland marriage counselor, I know from firsthand experience that these classes consistently help couples work through their communication problems.

A new study from Healthy Relationships California has confirmed my personal findings. Over 17,000 married Californians who participated in marriage education programs focused on communication and conflict management skills were surveyed about their relationship satisfaction and communication. Six months after completing their classes, these couples reported an average 14 percent increase in satisfaction with their relationships. Even more amazingly, participants reported a 27 percent improvement in communication six months after their classes!

Are the Results of This Marriage Education Survey Significant?

The Healthy Relationships California survey is incredibly noteworthy. The sample size was huge, and the survey represented more than a dozen different types of marriage education. Participants in the survey were quite diverse, with a vast range of ages and backgrounds. Most significantly, the couples surveyed represented the entire scale of severity in terms of marital problems, from mostly happy couples to pairs with nearly insurmountable difficulties.

If you've been unsatisfied in your relationship, or are just looking for some new tips to improve communication with your spouse, consider taking a marriage class. You could be experiencing the incredible results of these survey participants after just a few sessions! The Healthy Relationships California survey proves what I've experienced time after time in my years as a Portland marriage counselor: for struggling couples, marriage education is definitely effective.