The Money Habitudes Workshop

Do you know how to talk about money? Do you or your partner feel regret and defensiveness when you try? Do you know what to talk about in order to have a healthy financial life? Do you fight about money?

Too often we have trouble managing our money. It may seem that no matter how much money you have, you still come up short, or argue about it with your partner or maybe even have a hard time spending it when necessary. Understanding your relationship with money and communicating your values about money is never easy. Most of us avoid the conversation until it either erupts in conflict or results in regrettable spending choices.

The Money Habitudes Workshop is designed to help you to understand your relationship with money and if you attend with a partner, will help you to engage in productive conversations about money. We will teach you how to talk about money and how to best listen to your partner talk.

You will leave the money workshop with an increased ability to understand the habits and attitudes that influence your actions and decisions regarding money.

What people across the country have said about Money Habitudes:

"Money is the number one cause of conflict in marriages—even good, solid marriages. Money Habitudes is a great tool and innovative way to help couples address their money issues."

Diane Sollee, MSW
Founder of the Coalition for Marriage, Family and Couples Education (CMFCE)
Director of the Smart Marriages Conference

"I used the cards for every one of those Money + Divorce sessions and, of all the classes I taught, only two couples said that they were still going to get a divorce … The money issue was the biggest issue and it was the biggest reason for the divorce for all of those other couples and they decided, ‘You know what? This is overcome-able stuff. We don’t have to get a divorce because we’re not comfortable with the money situation!"

Kent Thompson
Financial Program Manager
Army Community Service
Fort Drum, NY

It’s just one piece of what we do for finance, but it’s a great, hands-on piece. It gets them active. It’s not just a lecture but an activity which gets them involved with the subject."

Valerie Conzett, D.Min., LPC
Director of The Family Life Office
Archdiocese of Omaha

This money workshop is for you if:

  • You argue about money.
  • You struggle with setting and sticking to your financial goals.
  • You are sometimes dishonest about your spending.
  • You spend more than you earn.
  • You and your partner think and feel differently about money
  • Want to learn how to talk about money.

Join Norene Gonsiewski, LCSW and Tim Higdon, LPC in this fun and eye opening 1 day workshop. This nationally known workshop is the winner of several national awards for excellence in marriage education. Norene and Tim have taught hundreds of workshops and helped couples and individuals live happier and healthier lives for over 30 years. Leading a money workshop brings Tim and Norene great pleasure, because they know just how much couples struggle with the underlying issues that finances present. "Finding the right money workshop to present, that allows couples an enjoyable experience discussing financial health, has been very exciting. I love the uplifting format and eye-opening techniques.", Norene Gonsiewski

Money Habitudes Workshop is Scheduled for...

Bend, Oregon

None at this time.

  • All workshops are from 9-3, Location TBD
  • For More Information please email us
  • Cost: $225 per couple, $115.00 individual, includes a deck of Money Habitudes Cards for each participant

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