Marriage Help: Make Your Anniversaries Memorable

March 16, 2012 by

Most of us don’t even know that we need marriage help until our problems reach the boiling point. Many of my Portland relationship counseling clients tell me that they thought everything was going fine in their marriage right up to the point where their spouse suggested therapy.

Cases like this are often due to one or both people feeling dissatisfied because the daily demands of living have replaced any sense of romance or adventure in the relationship. After I get the couple talking about their wants and needs, we often start to work on things they can both do to recapture the magic that seems to have escaped. One great place to start is with your wedding anniversary.

Marriage Help: Enhancing an Already Romantic Occasion

Clients in Portland relationship counseling have found quite a bit of success in using their anniversary as a starting point for romance, and it’s easy to see why. There are few days in our lives that are more meaningful than our wedding, and the anniversary is an automatic extension of that. All you have to do it put in a bit of effort to make the day truly memorable each year. Some particularly successful anniversary celebrations my clients have had include:

  • Using wedding mementos at anniversaries. It’s traditional to freeze part of the cake and eat it on your first anniversary, but some people do things like saving their wedding candles to use, or keeping the wedding bouquet as a centerpiece.
  • Going away (alone) together. Time away for just the two of you is always valuable and important, and even more so if you can get away to a place that has meaning to both of you. If you can’t ditch the kids altogether, find a getaway that has activities for them, too, so that you can have alone time.
  • Reenact the wedding. Some people actually get remarried as a romantic gesture, but throwing a wedding party and inviting the same guests can bring back a flood of happy memories and be just as meaningful
  • Going “traditional.” Each anniversary has a traditional type of gift associated with it; some of my clients have used these rather strict guidelines creatively and found inspiration, such as getting tickets to their spouse’s favorite band for the “paper” anniversary, or planning a romantic camping trip for the “wood” anniversary.

If you feel like you need more marriage help to rekindle the romance, you might want to look into Portland relationship counseling.