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The marriage coaches and counselors at the Portland Relationship Center understand the unique and varied relationship issues you face.

Whether your relationship problems arise due to physical or emotional infidelity, lack of trust, poor communication, parenting issues, or a growing sense of distance, our coaches and counselors can help you to address and resolve these issues in ways that bring permanent change. Our coaches and counselors can offer the tools and guidance that couples need in order to resolve issues and rekindle romance. If your goal is a healthy marriage, then Portland Relationship Center is for you.

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If you want your investment of time and energy to really pay off, then you need to see a marriage counselor who has been well trained in couple’s counseling.

Although over 80% of therapists say that they do couple’s counseling, only 12%
of those counselors have ever had even one class in marriage counseling!

Our marriage coaches and counselors have extensive training in Imago Relationship Therapy, long experience and use innovative and advanced treatment methods to achieve your desired results. Without advanced training in marriage counseling, a marital therapist can make some serious mistakes. Don’t take your chances on an untrained professional. Instead, give your relationship what it deserves…a specialist!

Relationship Coaching and Counseling, Workshops, and Individual Counseling – Use What Works

Because current and past issues can both positively and negative affect the marriage, in addition to Imago Relationship Therapy™, our specialist marriage counselors employ techniques such as Cognitive Therapy or trauma psychology.

These techniques are used in an attempt to help marriage partners correct and overcome negative thinking errors, reframe negative core beliefs, and restructure the relationship in order to bring about a healthy marriage. Couples therapy, coaching sessions and workshops may be utilized as well as individual or couples counseling.

Throughout treatment, each partner in the marriage is asked to explore his or her strengths, weaknesses, longings, and dreams. While the coaches or counselors are there to provide guidance during the treatment process, the couple is ultimately responsible for the changes in their marriage.

Why workshops? Education and Enrichment: A Major Deposit in the Relationship Savings Account: One of the biggest deposits you can make into your relationship savings account is that of putting the time and energy into learning new tools, gaining fresh insights, and experimenting with new relationship enhancing exercises. Many studies have shown that relationship education brings the most lasting positive changes. This is because we all need to learn some of the basics of what is normal in a relationship and what tools could help us when we run into trouble. Good relationship education also inspires and reignites romance and adventure.


Marriage Coaches and Counselors Approach

Our marriage coaches and counselors are trained to treat each couple and their relationship with dignity, compassion, and sensitivity. We value each partner and attempt to understand the marriage problems in regard to factors such as culture, socio-economic status, ethnicity, race, and religion.

What is the difference between Relationship Coaching and Relationship Counseling?

Relationship Coaching: Coaching with couples is done from the privacy of your home over the telephone. Relationship coaches, like any life coach, help you to set your goals for an ideal relationship and work through the obstacles. Coaches usually ask for a once per week, six-month commitment. Their job is to help inspire, motivate, problem solve, and brainstorm your way to success. Coaches use assessment tools, exercises, and communication techniques that both educate and train. Coaching can be done privately, or in a group. Group coaching is more cost effective and has the benefit of learning from the experiences of other couples. These sessions are usually offered as anonymous webinar and conference call groups and/or as private telephone sessions. Coaches are often well-trained couple counselors who focus on outcomes versus deep process. The couples that benefit most from coaching are ones who are both committed to staying together and who aren’t currently involved in heated fights.

Counseling Sessions: Couples with major avoidance behaviors--those who are working through an affair or other breech of trust, those considering divorce, or ones who have been “stuck” in negative patterns for years—would likely need counseling. Also, if either of you struggles with depression, anxiety, addictions, or uncontrollable anger, a counselor is best suited to help you with these types of issues. Sessions as a couple with a counselor are more expensive than coaching, but if you feel you need the privacy and focus such a session gives, this is the path for you. (Many couple counselors can bill insurance.) Plan for working with a trained marriage counselor for about 12 sessions spread over four to six months.

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