A Marriage Counselor In Portland Says Read the Right Books

April 1, 2010 by

As a marriage counselor in Portland, Oregon I am always on the lookout for books that my clients can find useful. Two such books I have learned about lately may be of interest to my clients with young children.

Let’s Stick Together: the Relationship Book for New Parents is about to be released and is written by Harry Benson. In an interview with Mr. Benson he stated, “Family breakdown causes untold heartache, and can contribute to poverty and adverse mental and physical health. It occurs most often in the early years of parenthood, when a couple's relationship is especially vulnerable as their main focus shifts from each other to their children, at a stressful, busy and often exhausting time. By a child's 5th birthday, 1 in 3 unmarried parents and 1 in 12 married parents have split up.” (More in a future blog about why it might be that unmarried parents have such a higher casualty rate.)

To this Portland marriage counselor, those are unacceptable statistics! The book focuses on a wide range of areas, including good and bad habits, love languages, and fathers' involvement, all of which will help couples to safeguard their relationship at this vulnerable time.

Marriage Counseling-Sleep Disturbances

One of the very common issues I hear about in my marriage counseling is that of the sleep disturbances of parents of young children. Couples report feeling exhaustion, frustration, despair and irritability. The sleepless nights do nothing to enhance the intimacy and emotional connection of the couple. Sleeping through the Night, by Jodi Mindell, PhD has been given rave reviews by parents and by the OHSU Sleep Disorders Center of Portland. Getting enough sleep is critical, and if we don’t get enough we can become critical. Any marriage counselor can attest to the damage infant and toddlers sleep disturbances does to a marriage.

Safeguard your marriage by attending a marriage education workshop such as ours (attend one of our couples workshops) and then consider entering marriage counseling for the best results. The combination of education, self study (reading on your own) and marriage counseling can’t be beat. Let us know if we can help.

Be the 1 in 3 couple who is still together after navigating the early years of parenting! 

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