Marriage Counselor can Help to Navigate the Waters of Divorce

July 5, 2010 by

An experienced and qualified marriage counselor knows that most couples do not start marriage counseling until their marriage is in peril. Research shows that most couples should have started marriage counseling seven years earlier. There is a significant number of couples that enter therapy believing their marriage is “too far gone” to save and they decide to divorce. They stop counseling thinking it didn’t succeed in restoring the marriage. They neglect to consider what they can learn about themselves in this critical period. Don’t make the mistake of thinking in your divorce you will leave behind the baggage from the marriage.

Here are some benefits to seeing a marriage counselor while going through a divorce:

1.    Grief counseling—a marriage counselor can help you with your feelings of loss. This is especially important to help you move ahead in your life and get past the pain, minimizing the divorces effect on your future.

2.    Navigating through your divorce—Marriage counseling can help you learn about your impact on your unsuccessful marriage. You’ll “up the odds” that when you find love again you will be ready to create a successful relationship.

3.    Learning from your mistakes—Feelings can range from relief to rage, from hurt and despair to loneliness and depression. Seeing a marriage counselor can help you build a support network of friends and family as well as help you develop a self-care plan to get you through this time.

4.    Accepting being single—it’s not uncommon for divorcee’s to become desperate to find someone so they don’t have to face their loneliness. A marriage counselor can assist divorcee’s coming to terms with their “singledom” and actually help them learn about themselves and prepare for a future relationship.

5.    Attend a Keeping the Love you Find Workshop-Harville Hendrix created this weekend workshop for individuals who want to understand why they picked the partner they picked and how you contributed to the issues.

A Marriage Counselor will Help you Heal and Grow

Navigating the waters of a divorce is difficult and painful. Considering an experienced and qualified marriage counselor can be the best decision you will make to not only recover but to bring new insight and personal awareness to your life.

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