Marriage Counseling, Relationship Coaching and Other Services
at the Portland Relationship Center

Marriage counseling and relationship coaching are the major specialties and focus of the Portland Relationship Center. We also provide workshops, coaching and counseling for couples who are not married and individuals with other problems not directly related to relationships.

Because we understand and respect the important role that relationship plays in the well-being of every individual, we are dedicated to helping you have a full and balanced life including meaningful connections with others.

When your relationship to yourself, to your partner, or to your friends, family or colleagues is unhappy, you cannot help but feel unhappy and off balance as well. Marital problems affect every aspect of the couple’s life and marriage counseling is one possible solution among others we provide you. Not only does the couple suffer mentally, physically, and emotionally, but their children, families, and job also suffer as a result of the relationship troubles.

There is hope for couples desiring to save their marriage and turn an unhappy marriage into a blissful union. If you are dealing with infidelity, considering divorce, or other marriage issues, it is necessary to get to the root of your problems and begin making the changes necessary to achieve a happy and successful marriage.

Solutions We Offer For Other Problems You May Encounter

In addition to marriage counseling and coaching we offer a full array of counseling services for individuals and couples.

  • If you are an individual with anxiety or depression we can help you to regain control of your moods.
  • We can help you to search deep inside yourself and your past in an attempt to understand the roots of your attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions.
  • We offer you tools to change the way that you think so that you can improve how you feel.
  • Our tools are always portable, and deigned to continue to be useful to you for years to come.

We offer coaching group programs for couples. Group is not only an affordable option it is often the most valuable option.

In the group setting you will receive not only quality coaching and group support, but also the opportunity to learn from others experiences. General groups are available as well as specialized coaching groups for retired and soon-to-be retired couples. If you are single or divorced Imago singles workshops, Keeping the Love You Find, is the preferable way for you to explore your relationship history and difficulties. Couples will enjoy the lectures and processes that are only offered in couples coaching group.

Marriage Counseling and Couples Coaching

No relationship can be happier than the least happy partner, and each of us brings our own issues to the table. When couples are in the midst of an unhappy marriage, the tendency is to blame one another for the problems in the relationship.

  • We can help you learn that marital problems are not caused solely by one person in the relationship.
  • Each individual must accept his or her own responsibility for the current state of the relationship.
  • We teach each of you the tools to boost self-esteem, reduce depression or anxiety and lower your reactivity and defensiveness.
  • Healthy people make healthy relationships and healthy relationships make people even healthier.

What is the Difference Between Couples Coaching and Counseling?

Relationship Coaching: Coaching with couples is done from the privacy of your home over the telephone. Relationship coaches, like any life coach, help you to set your goals for an ideal relationship and work through the obstacles. Coaches usually ask for a once per week, six-month commitment. Their job is to help inspire, motivate, problem solve, and brainstorm your way to success. Coaches use assessment tools, exercises, and communication techniques that both educate and train. Coaching can be done privately, or in a group. Group coaching is more cost effective and has the benefit of learning from the experiences of other couples. These sessions are usually offered as anonymous webinar and conference call groups and/or as private telephone sessions. Coaches are often well-trained couple counselors who focus on outcomes versus deep process. The couples that benefit most from coaching are ones who are both committed to staying together and who aren’t currently involved in heated fights.

Counseling Sessions: Couples with major avoidance behaviors--those who are working through an affair or other breech of trust, those considering divorce, or ones who have been “stuck” in negative patterns for years—would likely need counseling. Also, if either of you struggles with depression, anxiety, addictions, or uncontrollable anger, a counselor is best suited to help you with these types of issues. Sessions as a couple with a counselor are more expensive than coaching, but if you feel you need the privacy and focus such a session gives, this is the path for you. (Many couple counselors can bill insurance.) Plan for working with a trained marriage counselor for about 12 sessions spread over four to six months.

If you are looking for high quality individual, group, couples counseling and marriage counseling as well as singles workshops, couples retreats and specialty workshops, then look no further. We can help you to be your best, and bring that best self to every relationship. Give us a call for a free telephone consultation today.

Want to learn more about individual counseling for problems not related to relationships? Maybe more on marital problems, marriage counseling, couples work and much more then check out our free resources now.