Marriage Coach: 6 Reasons to Clean Your Empty Nest

August 4, 2016 by

If you’re seeking a new project now that you have an empty nest, look no further than your nest itself.

Cleaning, organizing, and going through all of your belongings is no easy feat. And it’s a great project for you and your spouse to tackle for a few different reasons.

Now you finally have the time! You’ve been looking at your cluttered attic or garage for years now, thinking, “One day…” Well, today is the day!

Now that you have some extra time on your hands with the children gone, you can refocus your efforts and energy into cleaning and organizing your property. It’s better late than never!

Relive your memories. Empty nesters often feel lonely. They long for the days where they could still pick up and hold their children.

As you clean out your empty nest, you and your spouse will be able to relive some of these memories together. Those old photo albums, VHS tapes (remember those?), and souvenirs from family vacations are hidden somewhere. Organize your memories while you enjoy the happy life you created with your family.

Make a donation. Let’s face it: you don’t need everything that you’ve been storing. Do a good deed by donating your old stuff to local homeless shelters, veteran’s organizations, or anywhere else that takes donations.

If you’re not using it, lose it! Making a difference for others can help give you a mood boost.

Earn extra cash. You also have the option of selling stuff you won’t be using anymore. In particular, look at the kids’ old rooms.

Check out mobile apps like letgo, or hold a good old-fashioned garage sale. The extra cash can be used to take a vacation. Maybe to visit your kids at college!

You can save money. Do you have a storage unit that is simply taking up space and money every month? Clean it out!

By organizing and giving away some of your belongings, you may be able to downsize or eliminate the need for a storage unit.

Prepare for downsizing. A lot of empty nesters want to downsize after their children have left the nest. Even if you’re not ready just yet, cleaning and organizing your home will make packing a lot easier if you do decide to move.