Long Distance Relationship Advice: When Can It Work?

April 13, 2016 by

The thought of a long-distance relationship might seem silly. Why would you want to date someone who lives in another state or even another country? But with the rise of online dating and people today much more mobile, your dating pool can increase exponentially if you consider how a long-distance relationship might be able to work for you.

Regardless of whether a relationship starts off in the same city or from afar, there are a number of things long-distance relationships have going for them.

Long-distance couples might trust their partners more than geographically close couples. Seem weird? Well, the Journal of Communication published a study that showed couples in a long-distance relationship felt as much or – in some cases – even more trust and satisfaction in their relationship as partners living near each other did.

By looking at couples’ communication patterns, researchers saw that those in long-distance relationships told their partner more personal details and also idealized each other more. Long-distance couples ultimately felt a stronger bond than couples who lived in the same city and said their partners shared more of their thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Long-distance relationships can enhance and strengthen your connection. Physical separation can be a challenge to many couples. We want to have that physical and emotional closeness with our partner. We want to see them every day. But a long-distance relationship requires effort to communicate, show that you care, and to be intimate.

There are numerous ways couples can communicate from a long distance such as text, telephone, video chat, email, and even handwritten letters. You just have to do it regularly. And when you recognize your long-distance partner is making that effort to connect, it brings you closer together.

Long-distance relationships are more than physical relationships. As long as you and your partner are clear about your expectations regarding visiting each other, communicating, and being intimate, your relationship can flourish. The key to a long-distance relationship is that both parties have to be equally committed to each other and the relationship.

That’s why some say that long-distance relationships are deeper than physical relationships. While intimacy is important, you and your partner have to be able to sustain “dry spells” between visits. There has to be more to your relationship than a physical connection to even consider long distance in the first place.

Long-distance relationships may not be right for you. But on the flip side, if you haven’t tried it, how will you know for sure? By not considering long-distance relationships, you may be closing yourself off to something with real potential. And doesn’t it seem silly to brush someone off just because they don’t live nearby?

Whether you are struggling with your partner or just need some general relationship advice, a Portland marriage and relationship counselor can help you to have a thriving, long-lasting relationship – from any distance.