Portland Relationship Counselor Says Increase Romance

September 25, 2013 by

Although there are many scientific reasons we need romance in our marriages, there are also very practical reasons…we get along better and our marriages last longer if we treat one another like lovers, not roommates.  As a Portland relationship counselor I know the trouble that can come of letting romance become a low priority.

Romantic gestures don’t have to be expensive. What they do need to involve is thought, effort, mystery or surprise and a bit of sexiness.  Romance is a way we convey to our partner that they are desirable.  If you want to avoid divorce, fights, and even affairs you will need to keep sending the message that you think about your partner often and romantically.

Ideas for More Romance From a Portland Relationship Counselor

Some simple ideas for romance that I have shared in my Portland marriage counseling are:

  • Purchase a beautiful card and write a poem or copy a poem. Send it to your partner at work.
  • Surprise your partner with a picnic lunch in a beautiful spot.
  • Make a weekly date during the summer to go someplace different and watch the sunset.
  • Have a weekly date.
  • Give each other a back rub.
  • Kiss passionately and often.
  • Post a love message on your sweetie’s Facebook page.
  • Plan a romantic vacation.
  • Shower together.

Research reports that 64% of American men and 63% of American women long for more romance in their marriage.  What that tells this Portland relationship counselor is that all the marriage counseling in the world won’t help if you don’t make the regular deposits into your romance account. If you resist this advice, you may need help from a Portland marriage counseling service. The best way to avoid divorce is to take action now. Check out our website for free resources that could help you today.