Imago Therapy for Couples and Individuals

What people say about the Getting the Love You Want Workshop for Couples:

"This workshop gives you the hope and confidence that changes can and will happen in your relationship". K.M.

"Receiving this tool for communication is truly a gift, and one I had no idea I needed or wanted." J.C.

"This was such a wonderful opportunity to heal our marriage." G.E.

"Thank you both so much! The work you do is so important. This weekend has affected my partner and I in such a profound way." N.W.

"Norene and Tim were wonderful and created a safe environment to explore issues." B.D.

"The Imago tools are giving me hope we can re-connect and maintain a strong connection, even through adversity." B.L.

"This workshop helped to solidify both of our commitment to weather the greatest of hurricanes with one another and to one day have a relationship where hurricanes are a thing of the past." C.O.

"Norene and Tim are terrific! I wish I had done this 35 years ago."C. S.

"This workshop provided some valuable tools and techniques for discovering the root cause of recurring issues. We only started to get the answers, but now we have a tool for figuring out the rest." D.H.

"It was well worth the time investment to do this workshop. I learned so much valuable information about myself and my spouse. It wasn't as hard as I feared. I felt so much better afterward." C.B.

"Many thanks! So valuable. A fantastic workshop with great teachers!" P.M.

"This workshop's benefit is immeasurable. I am anxious to persuade my parents to attend this workshop as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!" N.W.

"My boyfriend and I have been together 9 months and plan to marry and spend our lives together. I feel like all of my friends should take this workshop with their serious significant others before marrying. We learned so much about how to listen and care for each other, and I am so glad we took this experience together." L.B.

"I had read Hendrix's book but I never would have imagined what an amazing improvement just one weekend could bring to our relationship. I wanted to end our 13 year relationship but I re-experienced the joy I felt when we first met and I feel that we can learn to use the tools we started to practice here to continue to have joy in each other." T.H.

"A perfect way to rekindle your romance and remind you why you fell in love with your partner." L.K.


What people say about Imago Therapy for Singles and Couples: