How to Talk About Money is Important Concern

December 27, 2012 by

How to talk about money is a skill many do not possess and all of us need. Today’s newspaper features an article on the prevalence of the people dating who are asking for their date’s credit score. More and more people are concerned about the financial “fitness” of a potential partner. If you want to avoid money problems in your life and marriage you will need to ask yourself some of the same questions.

Those in committed relationships are wise to also be concerned about financial fitness. The number one reason people have conflict is financial issues. In the case of finances the arguments are often not trivial and although the partners are using poor communication the underlying problems are real. Couples who don’t know how to talk about money will miss important opportunities to each improve their own situation in life and achieve their important goals.

How to Talk About Money is Key to Help Avoid Money Problems

Married or single, everyone can benefit from understanding the unique attitudes and habits that drive our financial decisions. Combined, this is known as your Money Habitudes. Knowing your own money attitudes and habits will get you started on how to talk about money without conflict.  The knowledge will empower you to make small improvements over time, without shameful conversations.

One fun, positive and easy method of understanding yourself and getting on the road to better financial fitness, is to take a Money Habitudes class.  The class will help you to unfold a clear understanding of the way you unconsciously and consciously see money. As a Portland relationship counselor I have used the deck of Money Habitudes cards in couples sessions when there has been significant conflict in the past, and watched couples gain immediate insight, camaraderie and inspiration. Learning about yourself gives you a basis of how to talk about money.

Our next Money Habitudes class is coming up on January 12, 2013. Start your year out on the right foot financially. The class will not focus on your budget, your savings or your credit score. It is not about financial planning, but it will help you face any money problems. It is purely to help you to see your own behavior in a new light and to offer small steps toward getting into much better financial shape.  Whether you are married or single consider joining in one this one-day introduction and learn how to talk about money.  Visit our website for more information.