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April 5, 2011 by

If you are looking for good relationship advice, here is a wonderful and free opportunity. Two of the top experts in the field of relationship counseling, marriage education and marriage research are Pat Love and Steven Stosny. The relationship help offered by these two acclaimed authors is top quality. Dr. Love is an Imago therapist as well as a specialist in the area of sex and passion. Her books are always best sellers and for good reason. In the past few years Dr. Love teamed with Dr Stosny who is an expert on men’s issues as well as emotional abuse to inspire couples to learn to connect through compassion and passion. As a Portland relationship counselor I know just how important, yet difficult, that task can be.

FREE Relationship Advice with PAT LOVE and Steven Stosny April 10th

The authors have teamed up to offer couples a new perspective on marital enrichment. Drawing upon their understanding of gender differences they offer a perspective for both men and women on the subtle distinctions between the sexes. Their work is always funny, practical and illuminating. As a seasoned Portland relationship counselor I know that couples need all the insights and fresh information that they can get. Don’t miss this great opportunity.

Pat Love and Steven Stosny will present How to Improve Your Marriage without Talking about It: Finding Love beyond Words, which is based on their bestselling book, as a free live broadcast Sunday, April 10 at 3pm Eastern time.

At Portland Relationship Center we offer you sound relationship advice. Our relationship help is always cutting edge and we pride ourselves on doing all we can to make your relationship succeed. We offer marriage education workshops as well as private sessions. We can help you have the relationship of your dreams so visit our website. While you are there be sure you look at our Free Resource page for more relationship advice and free resources.