Falling in Love Only Takes One –Fifth of a Second but Staying in Love Takes Work, says Portland Marriage Counselor

December 8, 2010 by

Syracuse University researcher Stephanie Ortigue proved what this Portland marriage counselor has known for a long time, that falling in love, the brain process of registering attraction, familiarity and euphoria, can happen in a split second.  Results revealed that when a person falls in love the brain releases euphoria-inducing chemicals including dopamine, oxytocin, and adrenaline. The love chemicals affect cognitive functions such as mental representation, metaphors and body image. One way to interpret these affects is that when couples fall in love, the rush of chemicals makes them instantly believe that this one might be The One. In addition the love struck person becomes aware of bodily sensation sand have an increase in positive body image. Falling in love not only feels good, it makes us think we look good!

Portland Marriage Counselor Says Relationship Counseling Helps Stay in Love

Relationship problems develop later when some of these chemicals wear off.  Couples who once felt euphoric now feel disappointed and discouraged. Part of this issue stems from the process of falling in love. One of the centers of the brain that registers romantic feelings is the reward center. The infatuated person unconsciously equates romance with being rewarded. When couples have spent enough time together, sometime between 12-18 months the chemicals will wear off and partners may become upset that they are not reaping the rewards that were unconsciously expected.
Are we just victims of chemistry doomed to fall in love, become disappointed and then experience heart ache? No! This Portland marriage counselor knows that even though romance is biologically engineered to last only a matter of months, romance can last a life time. But, here’s the catch…you have to work to keep it alive. The longer you wait to work on your relationship, the more difficult the process and the more likely you are to break up. That’s where relationship counseling comes in. A well trained and certified Portland marriage counselor can help you communicate better, resolve resentments and put the romance back into the relationship. Couples benefit from relationship counseling and marriage education.
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