Portland Marriage Counseling: Facebook Hinders Your Ability to Move On

October 11, 2012 by

Most of my clients come to Portland marriage counseling in order to try to keep their relationship together, but once in a while, someone will want to talk to me because they are having trouble moving on from an ex.

Hanging on to a failed relationship isn’t a new phenomenon, of course. People have been pining after lost loves since… well, since there have been people! Take a look at a random cross section of novels, poems, and songs throughout the centuries and you’re sure to find quite a few based around love unrequited and relationships that have broken down.

It used to be a lot harder to keep that flame going. We had to continue hanging out with them or traveling in the same social circles, or beg gossip off of disapproving friends. Today, all you have to do is head to their Facebook page and you can really get yourself worked up by reading their status updates and looking at all those pictures they post showing how happy they are.

Obviously, this is not behavior that will help you move on.

Portland Marriage Counseling: Just Say No to Facebook

My relationship help recommendation to people who find themselves doing this is simple: disconnect! Get out of the house, turn off status updates on your smartphone, and start living your life again.

It’s not really a whole lot different than advice your friends might have given you before the internet and social media ruled our lives. Today it’s just a little bit harder to do this because that idea of being connected is so pervasive, and it’s so easy to get your “fix” with just one little click. But if you really want to kick your habit, you’ve got to be strong!

And if you really can’t stop yourself from checking in on your ex’s life without you, find someone to talk to about it. Friends can be great resources, but if you don’t feel comfortable discussing it with them, there’s always Portland relationship counseling. Our services include helping individuals who want to understand their part in relationship breakdowns in order to insure against future relationship break-ups.