You Can Avoid a Divorce Says Portland Marriage Counselor

August 14, 2012 by

If you are considering a divorce, this Portland Marriage Counselor wants you to stop. Ending a marriage is almost always unnecessary, painful and regrettable.

Being upset enough to consider “marriage suicide” is a terrible state. Once you both felt happy and excited, like soul mates. Time passed and struggles ensued and now maybe you feel like cell mates. That condition can be changed.

Do not tell yourself that your marriage can’t be fixed. With an effort on your part and the right kind of professional help your marriage could survive and thrive.

No Need to Divorce if You Learn New Tools Says Portland Marriage Counselor

 What you may not know is that relationship takes considerable skill. The popular myths of our culture still promote the notion that marriages should be magically successful, without any effort. This has never been the case. Any marriage that has lasted over five years has experienced conflict, disagreements, disillusion and even despair. Whether or not your marriage will join the divorce statistics has everything to do with learning good communication skills.

As a long time marriage counselor I know that all intimacy and enjoyment in marriage comes from good communication.  Good communication contains respect, warmth, understanding and connection. It is never to late to learn the tools that can turn everything around.  If you would like to speak to a Portland marriage counselor visit our website and check out our staff.