Consider Writing a Love Letter says Portland Marriage Counselor

November 4, 2010 by

In my role as a Portland marriage counselor I see firsthand how little it takes to make a partner feel loved and treasured. I also see how the small and large caring gestures go a long way in keeping romance alive. Take this relationship advice and consider writing your partner a real love letter. A real love letter is not a text or even an email. It is written on stationary or in a nice card. You needn’t feel inadequate to the task. There is a formula you can follow that will bring out your inner Romantic. Read on to see how to turn this relationship advice into a deposit into your relationship’s emotional bank account.

Portland Marriage Counselor Gives You the Formula for Success

1. Start with a list of all the things that you love and cherish about your partner. Don’t worry about grammar and spelling at this point; just get all your feelings on paper. Include your hopes and dreams for the future.

2. Start with a nice salutation, such as “To my Dearest____”. Don’t tell yourself that you are corny. This is a love letter after all.

3. Keep your introduction paragraph positive and tell your partner why you are writing. Something like, “I just want to take the time to tell you how much I love you”.

4. Next talk about the significant moments in your relationship, such as when you first met, or write about the sentiments that you put on the list you wrote.

5. Take this relationship advice and keep humor to a minimum. Love letters aren’t funny, they are gushy by definition. Consider including a poem (you don’t need to write it, but do credit the work), lyrics to a song you love or a quote that expresses your love.

6. End the letter with a flowery ending such as “Love Always” or “Undyingly Yours”. You might feel a little silly, but this Portland Marriage Counselor has NEVER heard a client judge a love letter from their sweetie in over 30 years!

7. Now check your spelling and grammar and use a nice quality pen to write it by hand on nice stationary or a large and pretty card. If you wish add a token of your love.

Take the relationship advice of a professional, a Portland marriage counselor you has helped hundreds of couples deepen their connection. If we can further help, visit our website for more free relationship tips or a free consultation.