Celebrate Your Husband with These Father’s Day Ideas

June 24, 2015 by

Your kids may be in charge of the macaroni artwork and finger-painted cards, but there’s still a lot you can do to celebrate your husband this Father’s Day. With June 21 approaching rapidly, there’s no better time to remind your husband that you appreciate him as a husband, best friend, and fellow parent.

But expressing the depths of your love to your husband doesn’t have to involve expensive electronics or fancy restaurant dates. Below, I’ve listed some ideas for celebrating Father’s Day from the heart.

Breakfast in bed. Breakfast in bed is a go-to for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions for a reason. You can make your husband’s breakfast-in-bed experience extra special by adding personal touches. Order coffee just the way he likes it and put on a playlist of his favorite tunes. Whip up his favorite breakfast foods with a decadent, gourmet twist—such as bourbon-infused French toast or smoked salmon with goat cheese omelet. Serve it all on a tray next to a copy of his favorite newspaper.

Get the kids involved. You should ask your kids to help out by being on their best behavior, explaining why it’s important to be especially nice to daddy today. Organize a project—such as a card, craft, or poem—and set up a craft station with materials where your kids can get creative.

Stock your home with his favorite things. Think about your husband’s favorite things—does he have a favorite snack, candy, whiskey, wine, brand of aftershave? Set up your husband’s favorite treats around the house, and he’ll be surprised and delighted when he finds them.

Do something he’s been wanting to do. Is there a movie your husband’s been wanting to see or a sports team he’s been wanting to watch? Does he have a favorite activity or bar? Whatever your husband enjoys most, be sure to schedule it into the day.

Get intimate. Whether your sex life is active or going through a dry spell, your husband is likely to appreciate you initiating intimacy on his special day.

These are just a few great Father’s Day ideas. For more ways to help your husband feel loved, valued, and deeply satisfied on Father’s Day and throughout the rest of the year, talk to a Portland marriage therapist. Your therapist can equip you with the tools you need to build a strong relationship that nurtures and fulfills both of you.